Internal Tamponade With Silicone Oil: Echographic Evaluation

  • M. Del Duca
Conference paper
Part of the FIDIA Research Series book series (FIDIA, volume 2)


Silicone oil is used as an internal tamponade after vitrectomies. We also used this method for peeling off posterior epiretinal membranes with P.R. of recent occurrence. If there is a lens or vitreous opacity after vitrectomy, echography is necessary for the postoperative controls. Blood residuals or exudates in the early post-operatory period hinder exploration, as do cataracts which form during the months after the operation. The physical properties of silicone oil make the echographic interpretation more dif¬ficult. One of the features of silicone is the reduced speed of propagation of ultrasound in this media. We know from literature that the velocity value in silicone oil is about 983 meters a second. The ratio between the velocity in silicone oil and the theoretic velocity of ultrasound through the optic axis gives a coefficient which allows us to com-pare the magnitudes obtained echographically with silicone with real magnitudes:
$$ C = \frac{{V1}}{V} - \frac{{983}}{{1550}} = 0.63 $$
Another feature of silicone is that of having an ultrasound absorption coefficient, linked to features such as high viscosity, which is expressed in a reduction of the echo amplitudes calculated approximately as 1 db per mm using 8 MHz probes.


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