Fluid/Gas Exchange in Vitreous Surgery

  • Maurice B. LandersIII
  • David Robinson
  • Karl R. Olsen
  • Jeff Rinkoff
Conference paper
Part of the FIDIA Research Series book series (FIDIA, volume 2)


In the past decade there have been many innovations and improvements in the field of vitreo-retinal surgery. New vitrectomy instruments, along with the intraocular SF6 and C3F8 gas and silicone oil, have permitted surgical correction of vitreo-retinal diseases previously felt untreatable. However, as a result we are now faced with increasingly complicated operations, with more complicated postoperative courses.


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  • Maurice B. LandersIII
    • 1
  • David Robinson
    • 1
  • Karl R. Olsen
    • 1
  • Jeff Rinkoff
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologyDuke University Medical CenterDurhamUSA

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