Complications of Retinal Detachment

  • John Scott
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Many retina surgeons refer to two groups of retinal detachment, simple and complicated, distinguishing between the two perhaps by whether they are successful at the first operation! An agreed definition of a complicated case has not been found although by general usage where vitreous pathology becomes clinically obvious the term ‘complicated’ is often employed. Many authors in discussing the concept of complication of retinal detachment, concentrate on the vitreous with the understanding that some form of proliferation occurs involving retinal pigment epithelium and perhaps macrophages from other sources. Little attention has been paid to the possibility that other intraocular tissues may be affected by the detached retina itself. That other tissues might be affected by the disease itself is of paramount importance in considering the complications of surgery and it is this idea that I should like to suggest to you in this presentation. In the limited time available I should like to concentrate primarily on the lens, for cataract has long been a recognised and common complication of many intraocular diseases.


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