Vitrectomy in the Management of Dislocated Crystalline Lenses

  • Harry W. FlynnJr.
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The indications for surgical removal of the dislocated crystalline lens are controversial and the benefits of lens removal must be weighed against possible complications of surgery (1–4). Because retained non-encapsulated crystalline lens fragments are poorly tolerated, surgical intervention is usually necessary (4). Posterior dislocation of the lens nucleus after attempted extracapsular cataract extraction is the most common lens indication for vitreous surgery. Since severe intraocular inflammation and glaucoma often result, the retained lens nucleus and cortical material must be removed from the eye. Other considerations for surgical removal of the dislocated crystalline lens or retained lens fragments include the presence of a dislocated lens in the visual axis causing a major disturbance in vision or a poor view of the fundus in an eye with retinal detachment.


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