Current State of Computer-based Patient Record Systems

  • Allan T. Pryor
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Development of medical information systems has an extensive history covering more than 20 years. The early research which was centered in computerized electrocardiographic analysis, laboratory management, administrative record keeping, and the like has become the basis of many commercial medical information systems today. One of the goals of this research and commercialization has been the creation of an electronic computer-based patient care record (CPR). Although a 20-year effort has been made toward this goal, a realizable complete CPR does not exist today. In order to understand the current state of CPR systems, therefore, it is first necessary to define what constitutes a CPR system. Given a reasonable definition of a CPR, one quickly discovers in researching today’s systems that there exist only successive approximations of a complete CPR. At what point does the completeness of a system’s medical database qualify it to be considered a true CPR system? Is the system’s database design sufficiently inclusive and flexible to become a comprehensive CPR system? In order to report on the current state of CPR systems, in this chapter I suggest a possible definition of CPR systems, outlines the general state of CPR systems, and finally reports on several systems that currently qualify as CPR systems.


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