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Our purpose in this chapter is to give an introduction to algebraic geometry with as little machinery as possible. We work over a fixed algebraically closed field k. We define the main objects of study, which are algebraic varieties in affine or projective space. We introduce some of the most important concepts, such as dimension, regular functions, rational maps, nonsingular varieties, and the degree of a projective variety. And most important, we give lots of specific examples, in the form of exercises at the end of each section. The examples have been selected to illustrate many interesting and important phenomena, beyond those mentioned in the text. The person who studies these examples carefully will not only have a good understanding of the basic concepts of algebraic geometry, but he will also have the background to appreciate some of the more abstract developments of modern algebraic geometry, and he will have a resource against which to check his intuition. We will continually refer back to this library of examples in the rest of the book.


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