The Bootstrap

  • Richard L. Scheaffer
  • Ann Watkins
  • Mrudulla Gnanadesikan
  • Jeffrey A. Witmer
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Annual rainfall varies from place to place and from year to year. Los Angeles has had periods of near-drought conditions, but it has also had years with heavy rainfall totals. Here is a histogram of the annual rainfall totals for Los Angeles for the years 1943 to 1992:


Rainfall Data Bootstrap Sample Sample Median Repeated Sample Bootstrap Estimate 
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  • Richard L. Scheaffer
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  • Ann Watkins
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  • Mrudulla Gnanadesikan
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  • Jeffrey A. Witmer
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  2. 2.California State UniversityNorthridgeUSA
  3. 3.Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityUSA
  4. 4.Oberlin CollegeUSA

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