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The locale of our2 estate was very wild but more pictorial than most of the regions of Russia’s central zone. Vitebsk province is renowned for its vast conifer forests and its numerous large and beautiful lakes. The last spurs of the Valdai Hills pass through parts of it, so that there are no such immense plains as in central Russia. On the contrary, the entire landscape has a rolling, undulating character.


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  1. The chapter as given here is translated from Kovalevskaya’s text except for the last seven lines, beginning “But the concert of the wolves had a terrifying effect upon the dog. . . .” which remain in Sofya Vladimirovna’s translation.Google Scholar
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    As has been mentioned, the Swedish edition of the work appeared not as a memoir but in the form of a novel narrated in the third person; the family name was changed from Korvin-Krukovsky to Rajevski. In Soviet editions the family name is changed back to Korvin-Krukovsky and Tanja is again Sofya (or Sonya, the affectionate form), but the third person is retained. The present edition carries the change one logical step further: it switches to the first person so as not to disrupt the mood and tempo of the rest of the narrative. The title “Palibino” was supplied by S.Ya.Shtraikh.Google Scholar
  3. 3.
    A schismatic sect which arose in the latter part of the 17th century in opposition to reforms in Russian Orthodox ritual carried out by the Patriarch Nikon.Google Scholar

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