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Menière’s disease

  • Thomas Brandt


Menière first described this syndrome in 1861. It is characterised by fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus, and prolonged but gradually decreasing attacks of vertigo and nystagmus, which may last several hours. This striking triad of symptoms made Menière’s disease the most popular and certainly over-diagnosed vertigo syndrome. Monosymptomatic cochlear or vestibular variants are also well known. About 6% of the patients will develop vestibular drop attacks, which generally abate spontaneously. Menière’s disease is the fourth most common cause of vertigo. It chiefly affects those between 30 and 50 years of age. The frequency of attacks is irregular, and there is a tendency to bilateral involvement in about 30–60% of patients. Spontaneous improvement can occur in a few years or even up to a decade after the onset of the condition.


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