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Vertigo in childhood

  • Thomas Brandt


Vertigo occurs less frequently in childhood than in adulthood. If present, however, it can be caused by a variety of peripheral and central vestibular syndromes that pose a diagnostic challenge (Beddoe 1977; Eviatar and Eviatar 1977; Blayney and Colman 1984; Brandt and Büchele 1984; Balkany and Finkel 1986; Britton and Block 1988; Eviatar 1994; Bower and Cotton 1995). Inasmuch as most vertigo syndromes in childhood also manifest in adults, they are described in more detail elsewhere in the relevant chapter. While considerable effort is expended to prevent hearing loss in children, concurrent or subsequent vestibular disorders are often ignored because vertiginous crises in childhood are usually attributed to problems of behaviour or lack of coordination (Tusa et al. 1994). As children often lack the communication skills to give an accurate account of their spells, the distinction between vertigo, dizziness and imbalance becomes less obvious (Bower and Cotton 1995).


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