Digital Particle Image Velocimetry

  • Mark P. Wernet


Development of aerospace airframes and propulsion systems depends on the accurate simulation of these components in their normal operating environment. Measurement of velocity fields is of critical importance in these aerodynamic studies in order to both verify the external flow field and also to determine the performance of these components/systems in the flow field. Quantitative flow field measurements were initially obtained in aerodynamic studies using Pitot static probes, which were suitable for measuring the time-average or low frequency response flow field properties at a single point in the flow.1 Hot wire anemometry proved to be a significant improvement over pitot probes by providing high frequency response velocity measurements.1 Adding more wires enabled multi-component flow measurements. By their design, hot wires are very fragile and easily damaged by foreign objects or particles in the flow. While able to provide continuous records of flow fluctuations, hot wire anemometers only perform reliably in low turbulence flows. Similar to pitot probes, hot wire anemometers were invasive and disturbed the flow field under study. The first non-invasive point velocity measurement technique was Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV), which used a crossed pair of laser beams to measure the velocity of seed particles entrained in the flow.1


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