MIP Models for Solving 3-Dimensional Packing Problems Arising in Space Engineering

  • Giorgio Fasano
Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 79)


In space engineering payload or cargo accommodation activities are quite challenging. Hard combinatorial multidimensional packing issues, in the presence of additional conditions, frequently arise and a specific approach is necessary. The work presented in this chapter focuses on a modeling (non-algorithmic) approach. A basic mixed integer programming model has been implemented to treat an orthogonal three-dimensional packing issue with rotations. The approach proposed seems quite suitable in practice, as the introduction of additional conditions is straightforward for significant applications (including tetris-like problems). The basic mixed integer programming mathematical model is described together with an extended formulation. A heuristic procedure is presented and some data concerning the computational experience are reported.


three-dimensional orthogonal packing additional conditions tetris-like problems mixed integer programming heuristics 


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  • Giorgio Fasano
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