SCTA and Adsorbents

  • P. Llewellyn
  • F. Rouquerol
  • J. Rouquerol
Part of the Hot Topics in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry book series (HTTC, volume 3)


The preparation, characterisation and pre-treatment (or “outgassing”) of technological adsorbents (for gas adsorption, liquid adsorption or heterogeneous catalysis) was among the two first applications of Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis (SCTA) (the other being the study of phase changes in metallic alloys [1]) and it was the topic of most papers published about SCTA in the sixties (with the exception of one paper on sintering [2]). This interest is still as vivid as ever and can be explained by the fragility of the surface state and porous texture of a number of these materials and by the difficulty to obtain highly homogeneous and reproducible adsorbents at the end of a thermal treatment. We shall see, indeed, that SCTA, mainly in the form of Controlled Rate Thermal Analysis (CRTA) can provide a reproducible thermal pathway to a given adsorbent state, may this be during adsorbent preparation where it is possible to isolate interesting intermediate states, or whilst outgassing prior to the adsorption application in question. Such reproducibility is obtained due to the ability to control and thus minimise (if the rate of transformation or outgassing is fixed at a low value) both temperature and pressure gradients within each individual grain as well as in the sample bed. A control of the temperature gradient allows the minimisation of hotspots in the sample bed in case the sample heating auto-accelerates.


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