A Framework for the SCTA Family

  • J. Rouquerol
  • O. Toft Sorensen
Part of the Hot Topics in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry book series (HTTC, volume 3)


Figure 2–1 provides a simple representation of thermal analysis in general, where a physical property “X” of sample “S” is recorded vs. temperature “T”, as the sample is heated or cooled. As we know, this physical property can be a mass, a heat content, a length, or any other mechanical, electrical or optical property. Because this is a general representation, encompassing any type of thermal analysis, nothing is indicated about the possible modes of heating control.


Thermal Analysis Transformation Rate Thermal Transformation Heating Control Constant Decomposition Rate 
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  • O. Toft Sorensen
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  1. 1.Madirel LaboratoryCNRS-Université de ProvenceMarseilleFrance
  2. 2.Risoe National LaboratoryRoskildeDenmark

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