Physical and Experimental Background of Photonic Crystals

  • Susumu Noda
  • Toshihiko Baba


Nearly fifteen years have passed since the study of photonic crystals first commenced. Initially, this study was undertaken as it was seen as an interesting new area in physics. In the last five years, an increasing number of studies have been carried out on device applications in applied physics and engineering in addition to fundamental studies since a breakthrough on the realization of photonic crystals in optical regime has been achieved. The unique properties of photonic crystals have also led to their studies being recognized as a new and major field in optoelectronics. Moreover, study of the physics of photonic crystals continues to grow, drawing on many other scientific fields such as radio techniques, chemistry, precision machinery, acoustics, and so on. This chapter chronologically introduces the milestones reached in the study and development of photonic crystals, as well as some of their physical background.


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  • Toshihiko Baba
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