Fuzzy sets and rough sets

  • Piergiulio Corsini
  • Violeta Leoreanu
Part of the Advances in Mathematics book series (ADMA, volume 5)


Fuzzy Sets and Hyperstructures introduced by Zadeh, in 1965, and by Marty, in 1934, respectively, are now used in the world both on the theoreticaI point of view and for their many applications. The Rough Sets considered for the first time by Shafer in 1976, have been reintroduced in the international scientific circle by Pawlak, in 1991 especially in connection with Artificial Intelligence. The relations between Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets have been already considered by Dubois and Prade [137], those between Fuzzy Sets and Hy perstructures by Corsini, Corsini-Leoreanu, Corsini-Tofan, Ameri-Zahedi and others, those between Rough Sets and Hyperstructures by Davvaz. More recently, M. Konstantinidou and A. Kehagias have obtained interesting results on hyperstructures and fuzzy subsets.


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