Content-Based Movie Scene and Event Extraction

  • Ying Li
  • C.-C. Jay Kuo


Movie, known as a recording art, is practical, environmental, pictorial, dramatic, narrative and musical [Monaco, 1982]. Although it is a type of generic video, movie has many special characteristics. For example, complex film editing techniques such as the selection, order and timing of the shots, the rate of cutting, and the editing of the soundtrack, are usually required to produce a successful movie. It is highly possible that different editing styles may result in different stories. Therefore, it is not only interesting but also challenging to work with movies, since all these special features need to be taken into account for a better content understanding. Movie application is the major focus of this book. For the rest of this book, the two terms, video and movie, may be used interchangeably.


False Alarm Visual Content Event Extraction Speech Segment Multimodal Information 
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