Sequential Clocked Elements

  • Qing K. Zhu


The sequential clocked elements provide the basic data storage elements in a sequential digital circuit. The sequential clocked elements include latch, flip-flop, and other storage cells. The sequential machine is a machine in which all events occur in a timely order. In order to determine the state of the machine, we need to reference the rising or falling edge of the clock signal to transfer the data in the machine. The storage circuits, such as the latch, flip-flop, or storage elements, are used to hold and transfer the data based on the clock rising and falling edges or high and low levels. Section 3.1 describes the latch circuits. Section 3.2 shows the flip-flop circuits. Section 3.3 discusses techniques to reduce the power consumption for sequential logic. Section 3.4 provides the summary to this chapter.


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