Experimentally Observed Bifurcation Diagrams

  • Kiyohiro Ikeda
  • Kazuo Murota
Part of the Applied Mathematical Sciences book series (AMS, volume 149)


Extensive studies of structures and materials undergoing perfect and imperfect bifurcation have been conducted. Bifurcation of structures can be highlighted, e.g., by Ziegler, 1968, 1977 [196]; Thompson and Hunt, 1973, 1984 [174], [175]; Ben-Haim and Elishakoff, 1990 [14]; Bažant and Cedolin, 1991 [12]; and references therein. For bifurcation of materials, refer, e.g., to Hill and Hutchinson, 1975 [69] and Vardoulakis and Sulem, 1992 [184].


Bifurcation Diagram Bifurcation Point Volumetric Strain Equilibrium Path Initial Imperfection 
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