Quantum Dot Photonic Crystals

  • David J. Norris
  • Yurii A. Vlasov
Part of the Nanostructure Science and Technology book series (NST)


An early goal of research in semiconductor quantum dots was to utilize the finite size of these materials to modify the electronic properties of the semiconductor. In particular, researchers wished to modify its electronic density of states, defined as the number of electronic states per unit energy per unit volume. In a bulk semiconductor the density of states, p e , can be described as a smooth function near the valence and conduction band edges, as depicted in Fig. 7.1a.1 However, in a quantum dot, where the continuous bands of the bulk crystal evolve into a series of atomic-like levels due to quantum confinement, p e is dramatically altered.2–4 Indeed, p e can be concentrated into a series of individual features, as shown in Fig. 7.1b.5


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