A pioneering paper on neurosurgical use of balloons in 1980 by Mullan et al.1 contains one of the very first descriptions of successful carotid balloon angioplasty. The same paper also describes transvenous embolization of a carotid cavernous fistula, and balloon-occlusion of an exsanguinating carotid artery. It also reports in detail a procedure for coil obliteration of an inoperable carotid aneurysm using phosphate bronze coils. The bronze coils were inserted through the aneurysm wall after direct exposure of the aneurysm at craniotomy. Intravascular balloons were used to prevent prolapse of the coils into the carotid artery and were removed at the end of the procedure. The patient had a successful recovery. This single brief paper therefore pointed the direction for a number of innovations that would be developed over the following decades. The strategy of using balloons to keep coils within an aneurysm would later be developed into the balloon reconstructive technique for endovascular aneurysm coil therapy.


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