Subband Coding

  • Pierre Brémaud


Let x(t) be a stable base-band (B) real signal that we seek to analyze in the following sense. For fixed N = 2 k we wish to obtain for all 1 ≤ i ≤2 k the signals x i (t) with Fourier transforms
$${\hat x_i}\left( v \right) = {1_{{B_i}}}\left( v \right)\hat x\left( v \right)$$
, where B i is the frequency band
$${B_i}\left[ {\frac{{i - 1}} {{{2^k}}}B,\frac{i} {{{2^k}}}B} \right]$$


Original Signal Filter Bank Finite Impulse Response Finite Impulse Response Filter Perfect Reconstruction 
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