Epilogue: From Competence to Efficiency and Beyond

  • David E. Goldberg
Part of the Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation book series (GENA, volume 7)


Twelve chapters ago we embarked on a journey through what has proven to be interesting intellectual territory. Here, we review where we have been and consider some of the research directions made possible by the methods and results reported. A number of these directions have already attracted significant activity, and some are just starting to draw a crowd, but all are put on firmer ground by the results of this volume. In particular we consider (1) the spread of the competence revolution to other forms of genetic and evolutionary computation, (2) the development and use of efficiency-enhancement techniques, (3) closer investigation of GAs as models of innovation, and (4) the prospect for going beyond computational innovation to the computationally creative. Each of these is briefly discussed following a brief summary of the volume.


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