• Y. Jay Guo
  • Stephen K. Barton


This book is a research monograph on Fresnel zone antennas. It covers various lens and reflector antennas based on the Fresnel zone concept and phase correction techniques. The material presented is mainly drawn from the theoretical and experimental work published and unpublished by the authors. The book is intended to serve engineers, researchers and students in the fields of antennas, microwave and millimetre-wave engineering, radar, optics and telecommunications. The authors hope that readers will find the wealth of unique antenna configurations and the theoretical framework presented inspirational, and the large number of equations useful in the analysis and design of Fresnel zone antennas.


Radiation Pattern Array Antenna Fresnel Zone Fresnel Lens Sidelobe Level 
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  • Stephen K. Barton
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  1. 1.Mobisphere Ltd.A Siemens and NEC CompanyJapan
  2. 2.The University of ManchesterUK

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