Fundamentals of Convective Heat Transfer in Micro Ducts

  • Yitshak Zohar
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In the science of thermodynamics, which deals with energy in its various forms and with its transformation from one form to another, two particularly important transient forms are defined: work and heat. These energies are termed transient since, by definition, they exist only when there is an exchange of energy between two systems or between a system and its surrounding. When such an exchange takes place without the transfer of mass to/from the system and not by means of a temperature difference, the energy is said to be transferred through the performance of work. If the exchange of energy between the systems is the result of temperature difference, the exchange is said to be accomplished via the transfer of heat. The existence of a temperature difference is the distinguishing feature of the energy exchange form known as heat transfer. MicroChannel heat sinks or micro heat pipes are a class of devices that can be applied for the transfer of thermal energy from very small areas.


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