Performance Management in Cellular Networks

  • Tejinder S. Randhawa
  • Stephen Hardy
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The subscription of cellular networks is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate. Service providers need to accommodate this large subscriber base effectively so that a high return on investment could be realized. The solutions considered so far have mostly involved physical layer engineering and device intelligence. Network management, however, is also beginning to attract the attention it deserves. Network management procedures can significantly improve the resource utilization while maintaining an acceptable level of availability and quality of service. Moreover, the results of various management activities may also provide considerable insight into the design and planning of future 3G networks, thus enhancing the viability of the next generation of networks. For example, information on subscriber mobility and distribution, obtained for the existing wireless cellular networks, would be valid for future networks as well. Effectiveness of various network management procedures, however, lies on the performance monitoring abilities. Any optimization or diagnostic procedure must respond to an imminent or anticipated performance degradation in at least near realtime so that an acceptable level of service quality and availability could be maintained at all times. In this chapter, firstly a brief overview of various cellular technologies is provided.


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