Protein and DNA Engineering

  • Edward A. Rietman
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In Drexler’s (1981) paper on nanotechnology, he discussed the possibilities of using biochemical systems to design and assemble molecular-scale components. He pointed out that the protein-based machinery in the cell is existence proof that a molecular-scale technology is possible. In his 1986 book, Engines of Creation, Drexler points out that an entire molecular nanotechnology could be built from protein engineering. This suggestion is completely reasonable, and it was discussed earlier by Ulmer (1983). In order to understand the basis for these arguments, this chapter will focus on the essentials of molecular biology and genetic engineering. Early ideas on protein engineering were discussed by Creighton (1984, 1993). My primary references for this chapter are Malacinski and Freifelder (1998), Elliott and Elliott, (1997), Nossal and Lecar (1991), and Dewey (1997).


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