In Memory of Dr. Sidney Udenfriend

  • Toshiharu Nagatsu
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 53)


I was deeply shocked and extremely saddened, when I received the news that Dr. Sidney Udenfriend had passed away on December 29, 1999, after his cardiac surgery. I had had a long talk by telephone with Dr. Sidney Udenfriend at his home in New Jersey on August 6, 1999, when I was at the NIH as a Fogarty Scholar. I wanted to see him, but his health condition did not permit my visit. When I talked with Dr. Udenfriend, he was very kind and encouraged me to continue my research, as he always did whenever I talked with him.


Tyrosine Hydroxylase Hydroxy Tryptophan Dopa Decarboxylase Outstanding Scientist Doctoral Fellow 
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