Design Rules for Micropumps

  • Francis E. H. Tay
Part of the Microsystems book series (MICT, volume 10)


In the very first step in the development cycle of micropumps, the designer must have an idea of the final application of his proposed micropump, from which he will then choose the most appropriate type of micropump. For example, if the micropump is to be used in micro total analysis systems (µTAS) or electrophoresis systems, electroosmotic pumps will be most suitable. For this project, the end application is for an insulin delivering system. The specifications are self-priming capability, minimum pressure head of 15 mmHg (i.e. tissue pressure) and stable flow rate of less than 1 µl/min. The reciprocating displacement micropump with piezoelectric actuation is identified as a most suitable candidate for the intended specifications for reasons as mentioned in earlier chapters.


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