Nonlinear Impulses in Particulate Materials

  • Vitali F. Nesterenko
Part of the High-Pressure Shock Compression of Condensed Matter book series (SHOCKWAVE)


Impulse propagation in granular (particular) materials due to the loading under impact or contact explosion is of practical interest for many applications. For example, granular bed from iron shot is used for the damping of contact explosions during technological operations in explosive chambers. It effectively prevents the chamber wall from the high-amplitude shock wave. The propagation and reflection of nonlinear waves with large amplitudes in sand or soil is important for the detection of foreign objects. The nature of waves in these materials is also of general interest because they represent the collective dynamic response strongly effected by mesostructure. At the same time, these materials pose some fundamental questions which demand reconsideration of the basic foundation of wave dynamics including shock-wave propagation and shock dynamics particularly.


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