Auxiliary Variable Based Particle Filters

  • Michael K. Pitt
  • Neil Shephard
Part of the Statistics for Engineering and Information Science book series (ISS)


We model a time series {y t , t = 1, ..., n} using a state-space framework with the {y t |α t } being independent and with the state {α t } assumed to be Markovian. The task will be to use simulation to estimate f(α t |F t ), t = 1, ..., n, where F t is contemporaneously available information. We assume a known measurement density f(y t |α t ) and the ability to simulate from the transition density f(α t+1|α t ). Sometimes we will also assume that we can evaluate f(α t+1|α t ).


Mean Square Error Markov Chain Monte Carlo Particle Filter Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method Stochastic Volatility Model 
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