Outcomes of Minimal Access versus Open Surgical Procedures in the Elderly

  • L. Michael Brunt
  • Nathaniel J. Soper


The progressive aging of the population in Western countries has placed tremendous demands on our health care systems. This increase in the proportion of elderly individuals has occurred as a result of both a prolongation in life expectancy and a decline in fertility rates. In 1978 there were approximately 24 million people age 65 years and older in the United States, representing 11.2% of the population.1 The elderly are currently the fastest growing segment of our society, and demographic estimates suggest that sometime in the twenty-first century as the “baby boomers” age the proportion of elderly could be as great as 20%.2 Furthermore, the elderly utilize medical resources at a much higher rate than do younger individuals. From a surgical perspective, the elderly are often more challenging to manage because of decreased functional reserve, the presence of multiple pathologies, and more complex and complicated illnesses.


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