Version One: Linear Equality Constraints

  • Stefan M. Stefanov
Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 53)


Denote by (C =) a version of problem (C) where instead of (5.2) we have a linear equality constraint: (C =)
$$\min \left\{ {c(x) = \sum\limits_{j \in J} {{c_j}({x_j})} } \right\}$$
subject to
$$\sum\limits_{j \in J} {{d_j}{x_j} = \alpha }$$
$${a_j} \le {x_j} \le {b_j},\;j \in J$$
where c j (x j ) are twice differentiate convex functions of the same form, defined on the open convex sets X j in R, jJ, respectively, d j > 0, jJ ≝ {1,..., n}


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