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Today’s digitally networked society has seen the emergence of many applications that process and transceive information in the form of text, data, speech, images, audio and video. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the key technology enabling this digital revolution. With advances in semiconductor technology the number of devices that can be integrated on a single chip has been growing exponentially. Experts forecast that Moore’s law of exponential growth in chip density will hold good atleast till year 2010. By then, the minimum feature size of 0.07 micron will enable the integration of as many as 800 million transistors on a single chip [69]. As we move into the era of ULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration), the electronic systems which required multi-chip solutions can now be implemented on a single chip. Single chip solutions are now available for applications such as Video Conferencing, DTADs (Digital Telephone Answering Devices), cellular phones, pagers, modems etc.


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