Inter-Channel Communication Network

  • Christophe Rabéjac
  • David Powell


Central to the architecture is an inter-channel communication network (ICN), which consists of an ICN-manager for each channel and unidirectional serial links to interconnect the ICN-managers. In the current implementation, which is detailed in Section 10.1 (Chapter 10), the ICN-manager is a Motorola 68040-based board with a dual-port shared memory for asynchronous communication with the intra-channel VME back-plane bus. Serial links are provided by Motorola 68360-based piggyback boards. Each such board provides two Ethernet links. One link is configured as transmit only, the other links are configured as receive only. An ICN-manager can thus simultaneously transmit data to the remote ICN-managers over its outgoing serial link and receive data from the remote ICN-managers over the other links.


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