Attitudes of Egyptian Intellectuals Towards Genital Integrity for All

  • Seham Abd el Salam Mohamed


Intellectuals and medical doctors play a leading role in society. They set the ideological terms of reference concerning many basic issues, such as genital surgery/mutilation. At times, they are responsible for fixing stagnant social concepts, taking a modern attitude towards some modern issues while becoming reactionary when faced with others. Whether intellectuals and medical doctors act as leaders of social change or conformity in the issue of genital integrity depends on their awareness of and attitudes towards the gender-political power game. I carried out a qualitative study to explore the various background biases, interests, and power politics behind the attitudes of Egyptian intellectuals who work against female genital mutilation but tolerate male genital mutilation. Analysis of the medical doctors’ responses provided insight into the role that is played by the contemporary Egyptian medical institution in the issue of genital integrity. Analysis of the responses of all men and women respondents revealed the underlying gender power politics of male genital mutilation as it is practiced today in Egypt, which is the same basis of female genital mutilation.


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  • Seham Abd el Salam Mohamed
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  1. 1.National NGO Commission for Population and DevelopmentCairoEgypt

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