Techniques of Ultrasound-Guided FNA Biopsy

  • Tamotsu Yokozawa
  • Kanji Kuma
  • Masahiro Sugawara


The use of ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration (UG FNA) biopsy has increased because its accuracy in diagnosing thyroid nodules far exceeds that of conventional blind biopsy. We use a drill-spin technique for UG FNA (1,2,3,4), and have applied this technique to more than 14,000 patients with a wide variety of thyroid nodules. Because of the accuracy of diagnosing thyroid nodules using this technique, the number of unnecessary operations has decreased and the number of microcancers has increased in our hospital. In this chapter, we describe our drill-spin technique of performing UG FNA biopsy and a practical approach to different types of thyroid nodules.


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  • Kanji Kuma
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  • Masahiro Sugawara
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