Intelligent Multimedia Information Management

  • Rajiv Khosla
  • Ishwar K. Sethi
  • Ernesto Damiani
Part of the The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science book series (SECS, volume 582)


In the last three chapters we have described applications of HCVM in medical informatics, image processing, internet games and sales recruitment. In these applications we have looked at multimedia artifacts in terms of how they can be used for improving the representational efficiency, effectiveness and interpretation of computer-based artifacts and also to some extent how they can be used for perceptual problem solving. However, there are interesting research issues and problems associated with management and retrieval of text, image, video, audio artifacts from single and multimedia databases. The area of multimedia information management and retrieval has in recent times become important due to the advent of the internet and World Wide Web (WWW). The solution to a number of issues in this area today lies with traditional solutions used for conventional databases. Recently, intelligent agents and human-centered information retrieval models are being proposed by researchers to address the problems in this area. In order to gain a proper understanding of the various problems and issues involved, we start this chapter by outlining the three evolution stages of this time honored area. We then describe these evolution stages in some detail. We include in this description applications and solutions proposed for multimedia information management and retrieval. We conclude the chapter by outlining open research problems in this area.


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  • Ishwar K. Sethi
  • Ernesto Damiani

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