Acoustic Imaging, Rendering, and Localization

  • R. Rabenstein
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The preceding chapters covered the acquisition, intepretation, processing, and visualization of 3D data. Except for Chapter 6, the presentation has been confined to image sequences representing information as visible to the human eye. However, the models developed for this purpose hold also for data acquired from other kinds of wave fields than the electromagnetic spectrum of light. It is the purpose of this chapter to show the applicability of the methods presented so far to an entirely different modality: acoustical waves in the sound and ultrasound range. Since the general principles of imaging and rendering hold for both electromagnetic and acoustic waves, this chapter covers topics presented earlier in Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5 for images taken with optical sensors. However, differences in sensor technology, wave length, reflection properties and wave propagation speed between optics and acoustics require a separate presentation of acoustical sensors and corresponding processing methods.


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