Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making

  • Evangelos Triantaphyllou
Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 44)


In this chapter four deterministic MCDM methods of the ones presented in the second chapter are fuzzified. These are the WSM, the WPM, the AHP (original and ideal mode), and the TOPSIS method. The ELECTRE is not examined (since the TOPSIS method seems to be superior to it). The multiplicative AHP (as described in Section 11.4) is not studied either since it has the same numerical properties as the WPM model. Some crisp MCDM methods have been fuzzified in [Buckley, 1985], [Laarhoven, et al., 1983], and [Lootsma, 1989; and 1997]. The methodology which we are going to explore is different from the methods introduced in the previous three references. In this chapter we will fuzzify the crisp MCDM methods under the assumption that only one decision maker is involved. The developments presented in this chapter are based on the work reported in [Triantaphyllou and Lin, 1996].


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