From Evolutionary Consciousness to Conscious Evolution

  • Bela H. Banathy
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In Chapter 4, I gave an account of the “Human Revolution,” the emergence of the First Generation of Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS). Stepping on the evolutionary stage the Cro-Magnons represented the first life cycle of three Generations of HSS. The second life cycle, the Second Generation of HSS, was the era of the Agricultural Revolution. During the 10,000 years in which it existed, it saw the emergence of three successive civilizations. The Third Generation HSS, the era of the Scientific-Industrial Revolution, emerged during the Renaissance. Each generation came forth as a major quantum leap, a major transformation in the existence of HSS. Today we again live at the very edge of another massive evolutionary transformation—to the Fourth Generation of HSS. We are at the exit door of the design space of the Third Generation and try to prepare ourselves to take a quantum jump into the design space of the Fourth Generation. But we can jump-start this transformation only if our answer to the question of the “fictional superior creature from space” is a resounding yes. Yes, we are conscious of our evolution. Yes, we have attained evolutionary consciousness.


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