Intravascular Stents

  • Vimal Murthy
  • Himanshu Shah
  • Michael C. Dalsing


Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) has become an accepted treatment for atherosclerotic arterial occlusive disease in properly selected patients. Delivery systems and balloon designs have matured over the last three decades, resulting in improved PTA results and fewer procedural complications.1 However, this technique does have its limitations. Our personal experience with early technical failures and postprocedural restenosis forced a reevaluation of the technique and a consideration of methods that might improve results in areas of difficulty.2,3 The use of supportive endoskeletons (stents), although suggested by Dotter during the late 1960s, was not pursued until the limitations of PTA were widely recognized.4 Since the mid-1980s, various stent designs have been studied and clinical trials undertaken.


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