Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging

  • Martin R. Back
  • George E. Kopchok
  • Rodney A. White


Development of miniaturized piezoelectric transducers positioned at the end of intraluminal catheters has allowed high-resolution, ultrasonic imaging of various cardiac, vascular, and hollow organ structures. Current intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) catheters provide real-time, luminal, and transmural cross-sectional imaging in large vessels with dimensional accuracy. IVUS can also delineate wall morphology, lesion shape, volume, length, and branch configuration. Concomitant rapid expansion of minimally invasive endovascular therapies in coronary and peripheral vasculature have added new roles for IVUS. In addition to diagnostic information, IVUS enables choice of appropriate angioplasty technique, endovascular device guidance, and controlled assessment of the efficacy of interventions. Real-time IVUS imaging can only be used during invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures after vascular access is established. Further acceptance and implementation relies on the effectiveness of IVUS in improving endovascular outcomes and minimizing periprocedural complications as compared with alternative imaging modalities. This chapter reviews the design and function of available IVUS catheters, imaging techniques, and interpretation and the present and future clinical utility in peripheral endovascular interventions.


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