Winding Numbers and Cauchy’s Theorem

  • Serge Lang
Part of the Graduate Texts in Mathematics book series (GTM, volume 103)


We wish to give a general global criterion when the integral of a holomorphic function along a closed path is 0. In practice, we meet two types of properties of paths: (1) properties of homotopy, and (2) properties having to do with integration, relating to the number of times a curve “winds” around a point, as we already saw when we evaluated the integral
$$\int {\frac{1}{{\zeta - z}}} d\zeta $$
along a circle centered at z. These properties are of course related, but they also exist independently of each other, so we now consider those conditions on a closed path γ when
$$\int_\gamma {f = 0} $$
for all holomorphic functions f, and also describe what the value of this integral may be if not 0.


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