The Steiner Ratio of Lp-planes

  • Jens Albrecht
  • Dietmar Cieslik


Starting with the famous book ”What is Mathematics” by Courant and Robbins the following problem has been popularized under the name of Steiner: For a given finite set of points in a metric space find a network which connects all points of the set with minimal length. Such a network must be a tree, which is called a Steiner Minimal Tree (SMT). It may contain vertices other than the points which are to be connected. Such points are called Steiner points.1 A classical survey of this problem in the Euclidean plane was given by Gilbert and Pollak [23]. An updated one can be found in [27].


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  • Dietmar Cieslik
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  1. 1.Institute of Mathematics and Computer ScienceUniversity of GreifswaldGermany

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