Mud Island and Mud Diapir Motion Hazards

  • E. Bagirov
  • I. Lerche


In addition to the major hazards developed in the preceding chapters, there are also less frequently occurring (or less often recorded!) hazards associated with mud islands and diapirs. Historically people have observed that some of the islands in the Caspian Sea suddenly disappeared, or appeared again. Many islands appeared for a couple of weeks, or even days, and then were “washed out” by waves. Later people noticed that, most of the time, the appearance of new islands was associated with offshore eruptions. Therefore it was the opinion, for a long time, that the appearance of those islands was due to erupted mud, which constituted the islands. Probably in some of the cases this phenomena really did occur. But analysis of the observations shows that other processes take place as well. The appearance and disappearance of islands can be due to mud diapiric motion.


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