This is the Bloody Limit!

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Though this symposium is on blood transfusion, there is a story I received on my email about a mind boggling new invention, the pain transfusion, that demonstrates that the concept of transfusion is a technique with undiscovered aspects. There was a couple in America that needed to go to the hospital to deliver a child. Upon entering the hospital the doctor stopped them and asked: “Can I please ask you something? I have invented a new machine that transfers pain from the delivering mother to the father. Could you please be so willing to participate in this experiment?” The couple was happy to do so. So, when the delivery started the pain machine was connected and the doctor set the pain level at 10%, which is already more pain than any man normally would experience in his life. The machine was switched on and everything went well, the man felt nothing. So, about half an hour later the doctor suggested prudently that the pain level should be raised to 20%; the father, the man hesitantly agreed. The doctor put it on 20% and immediately took his pulse and blood pressure; everything was ok. As the transfusion of pain evidently helped his wife greatly the man started to urge that the machine should be put at 50%. This was to big a risk for the doctor, but the man was persistent and there went the button, the machine was set at 50% and everything was ok; he felt nothing. So, trying the ultimate the man said: “I am now going for a 100%.” “You are going to die” the doctor said. But the man felt fine and a beautiful daughter was delivered.


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