Ethical Standards for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate

  • Chris Manning
Part of the Research Issues in Real Estate book series (RIRE, volume 5)


Much of what has been written and discussed about ethics in business has been in general terms and not specifically helpful to the buyers and sellers of real estate who daily must choose between ethical and unethical behavior in the marketplace. While it is not the buyer or seller’s responsibility in any marketplace to protect the capital and wealth of other buyers and sellers, principles can be applied that can provide some general guidelines as to what behavior is unethical.

After discussing a conceptual framework for distinguishing ethical marketplace behavior, illustrations are used to further differentiate unethical behavior. Finally, it is suggested that in some real estate marketplace situations, there is competition to develop a reputation for honesty and compassion and that there are good business reasons, over and above ethical considerations, for being trustworthy and compassionate in these situations.


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