A column generation / simplicial decomposition algorithm

  • Michael Patriksson
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The solution strategy known as the column generation principle—and its dual counterpart, constraint generation—is one of the standard tools of mathematical programming. Since the pioneering work on the maximum multi-commodity network flow problem by Ford and Fulkerson [FoF58, FoF62] in the late 50’s, column generation methods have been developed and applied in a variety of contexts. With no doubt, the most famous column generation method is the Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition method for specially structured linear programs ([DaW60, DaW61]), in which the column generation is based on the pricingout mechanism of the simplex method. [Another famous column generation technique is the one for cutting stock problems, where the column generation is based on the solution of knapsack problems ([GiG61, GiG63, GiG65]).]


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