• Martin Harwit
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At crucial points in this book we have been stopped by unsolved problems. Some of the most important questions that remain unanswered are:
  1. (1)

    Do the laws of physics as we know them apply on the scale of the Universe?

  2. (2)

    Is there a connection between the structure of the Universe and the structure of elementary particles?

  3. (3)

    Does the Universe have a beginning and an end in time, and what exactly is time?

  4. (4)

    How are galaxies born and how do they die?

  5. (5)

    How are stars formed and how do they die?

  6. (6)

    What is the origin of cosmic magnetic fields?

  7. (7)

    Is there a basic preference for matter over antimatter in the Universe?

  8. (8)

    What is the origin of life and do other intelligent civilizations exist?

  9. (9)

    Are we even asking the right kind of questions?


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